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skinny girls are sexy too, dangit.

“I’ll give her motivation. motivation to eat! too skinny!”

i read this tweet Sunday night while watching the BET awards with the rest of Twitter, the words aimed at Kelly Rowland.

i thought kelly looked hot. sounded good, danced well, and made me want to dance about sexily for some handsome man.

i could only sigh playfully, puzzled at the amount of skinny slander that has been in my life as of late. this week alone i’ve read/heard that skinny is un-sexy or some other synonym approximately 21971 times.

okay that’s hyperbole, but just cut it in half and there you have it.ย someone even told me i’m in the Euro beauty standard zone. lol. lawd.

as a former really skinny girl and now just a plain thin chick with muscle tone, i’ve heard my fair share of skinny jokes. my nickname for the longest was Slim. some folks and strangers still refer to me as that or some variety. if i had a dime for every man that has told me i’d be (insert some slang epitome of “fine”) if i only gained weight over the years … i’d have at least a dollar out of fifteen cents (a dime and a nickel). sorry. RIP my hubby Tupac. points to you if you knew the song without clicking. lol

anyhoo. my whole adult life i’ve had random folks offer me food, tell me to eat, get some meat on my bones, etc. even my best friend has endless jokes. and we won’t even start on the moms of boyfriends who thought i was starving myself and made me eat with them just so they could make sure.

my question is, what’s wrong with being thin?


i’m a strong proponent of working with what you have. even though i don’t think i’m all that small at all, i’ve learned to embrace my thin-ness and strut what my mama didn’t give me with confidence. and i know plenty of fabulous women in every type of body, shape and size range, but each time i read about black man’s preferences, tigolbitties, big butt, and accompanying thickness usually top the list.

and that’s great for those who have that. heck, i’m often amazed myself that someone’s booty-to-waist ratio would even be able to do that. lol. but …

can i be great TOO? geesh.

funny thing is, yesterday, i randomly tweeted a pic of my thugfaceย i do before i run (ba-by cause i’ma thug), and received more than a few messages within like ten minutes of that, asking what my fitness routine is besides running. … from women who have the very shape and assets that black men like.

i don’t understand. lol.

i suppose a fitness/nutrition post is coming soon though. ๐Ÿ™‚

this is a silly post, but really Black Man, SKINNY GIRLS ARE SEXY TOO.

that is all.

please tell me i’m not the only that feels this way. lol