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my messy arse desk– an observation

her hands rose to her face wearily. bags carrying too many nights of missed rest settled beneath her brown eyes. she yawned, stuck one finger deep into her fro and scratched. sitting here was unproductive. it suddenly occurred to her that nothing about this desk or this small laptop said success; it was messy and unorganized, and deodorant sat next to a meant-to-be-discarded bluetooth, which was next to a butter knife slanted towards an opened silver nail file. she imagined the nail file the woman, the much larger butter knife a man, leaning in for the kiss. a blackberry atop a Dean Koontz novel watched in silently on their intimate moment. a rather snazzy black oval desk lamp hovered over the gathering of completely unrelated items that made up her desk mozaic, although shedding light on any of their stiuations would be nearly impossible with no lightbulb screwed into it. Continue reading my messy arse desk– an observation