on wet pavement

his eyes were the first to betray the calm demeanor he was trying to convince her he possessed. his eyes. seemed like the devil himself had slithered beneath the rain-soaked cement, slipped into the soles of his 500 dollar Prada shoes, inhabited his body, and now rested, quietly demented in his eyes. those eyes told… Continue reading on wet pavement

Love and such

if i had never Loved you.

if i had never Loved you. this thought sails on the usually whimsical winds of my mind ever so often. my memory is a picky and selfish woman, keeping what she needs and having no regard for that which cannot benefit her. she keeps this thought. this idea of if i had never Loved you.… Continue reading if i had never Loved you.


mindspill fiction: His Hands

his hands reached out. she avoided them like they held all the evils in the world and longed to deposit them into her pores. the same hands that had held her hand as she pushed in pain three years ago and bore their son. the hands that nervously held hers and slid the platinum and… Continue reading mindspill fiction: His Hands


Sliding Doors, Pt I

hello all. i wrote what was intended to be just a short story a lonnng while ago, and upon requests, added 4 more parts. i've recently added more, so i figured i'd post this series for your entertainment. i've grown to like Nigel and Jade. oldie but goodie to some of my OG readers (until… Continue reading Sliding Doors, Pt I