Nigel was restless. Sleep deprived, bitter, and jealous. He didn’t even feel like himself anymore. This couldn’t go on.

After leaving Jade and his brother to celebrate alone at the party, he drove. Drove around the city staring at the illuminated sky until he felt some semblance of relief. The cool night air nipped through the slightly-lowered window, matching that which resided in his chest each time he saw Nathaniel and Jade together.

This, this had to cease.

He wanted to see her, needed to see her, tonight. If only for a moment. If only to tell her that this situation had to be remedied. If only to tell her that he had to tell his brother, and sooner rather than later. This was upsetting his soul. But he understood that Jade needed his patience. That right now might not be the best time to tell his brother that she was leaving him for his twin. For now, he would just drive.


Tired was an understatement. Jade was exhausted. The celebration had lasted well into the late hours, with Nathaniel’s insistence on speaking to and thanking everyone personally for their part in his win. As the small clock on her nightstand beamed a neon-blue 1:30a.m., she could think of nothing but sleep. She needed to rest and clear her conscience. Nigel’s presence at the party had unsettled her mind, as was the case anytime he was near. Day and night her thoughts floated his way, torturing her with memories of his syrupy voice. His smile. His eyes. Those piercing eyes. Nigel had managed to penetrate her impermeable exterior with one simple look. The look that constantly told her, pleaded with her, to end this situation.

“Tell me to leave you alone and I will. I swear I will. Just tell me Jade. Tell me you don’t love me. Tell me that even if you do love me, you don’t want to continue this. Tell me that, please.”

She never could.

They always met in the same place. Neither showing a shred of worry about their illicit affair being uncovered, save for the various aliases the room was put under. Not even bothering to leave the city, they stayed at the beautiful Omni hotel along Detroit’s expanding riverfront. Room 210. Oh, if the walls could talk. While Nathaniel was off at meetings, functions, and campaign gatherings, Nigel had been greedily exploring her innermost regions, fervently making her call out in pleasure and shame all in one breath.

“Honey, do you think your parents will be available for brunch with us tomorrow? My father thinks it would be a good idea for us to all get together now that the campaign fury is over and we have some quiet, even if it is just momentary.” Nathaniel was in the their master bathroom, removing his political uniform and readying for bed.

Jade sighed. Where there were Nathaniel’s parents, there was Nigel. She removed her slinky black dress, carefully returned it to its home on the silk-cushioned hanger before she answered.

“I’m sure they are, Nate. I’ll give them a call in the morning. That should be nice.” She tried to sound sincere, but Nate noticed her monotone response.

He walked over to her, his navy boxers the only clothing separating their skin. Nate was a beautiful man in his own right. Tall, sinewy build, and smooth almond skin that had driven women to the polls in record numbers. A look of worry affected his striking features. That there were two of him was simply amazing.

“Jade, is everything okay baby? You’ve been looking a little out of it the whole night. Do I need to call Dr. Grossman?” He kissed her soft skin, guided her to the bed. “Here. Sit.”

“No, no. No worries Nate, really. I’m just tired. That party took a lot out of me, that’s all. I think she wants me to stop moving and just lay down for a change.” She said, her hands gently stroking the underside of her naked brown belly.

“Well, what she wants, she gets.” Nate responded with a smile as he laid Jade down and took her left foot in his hand. Relaxation became her closest friend as his large hands began kneading and caressing her freshly pedicured feet.

“Nate, you’re too good to me.” She said, a slight smile tugging at the corners of her mouth. A pang of guilt hit her so hard she had to turn her head away from his affable hazel eyes.

“Ah, nothing is too good for you, my love.” Nate’s usual reply to that remark resounded in her head.


She heard the buzz, but was unsure what it was. Then it buzzed again. She opened one eye, shifted in the covers. The blue numbers on her clock read 2:38a.m. Her phone’s illuminated screen competed with the blue numbers, adding another buzz to the silence.

Nate had his back to her, fast asleep. He’d been having those dreams again though, he could wake up in a panic at any moment.

And this, could only be one person calling her so late. She’d forgotten to silence her phone before she went to sleep.

“Hello?” She sounded groggy, a rough whisper of a voice.

“Jade. We need to talk.” Nigel’s voice was morose, hollow.

Oh boy. He was in that kind of mood.

She deftly slipped out of the covers and went into the bathroom. Closed the door softly behind her, making sure dreams of his future presidency were still dancing across Nate’s REM.

“Do you know what time it is? Are you crazy? I will talk to you TOMORROW Nigel.”

“Jade, this cannot go on. This is upsetting me, my peace, and it’s going to compromise my relationship with my brother. I need to talk to you. Please.”

“Nigel, I–”

“I’m outside Jade.” He interrupted. “It’s a little cold out. Just put a jacket on and come talk for a minute.”

“Outside? Outside of my home? Nigel, please don’t do this now.”

“Just come outside Jade.”

She heard the click and sighed heavily. This was definitely getting out of hand. If Nigel didn’t want Nate finding out about them, parking in front of their house at 2:30 in the morning was NOT the way to do things.

When she opened the bathroom door, Nate lay unmoved besides the slight rise and fall of his chest that proved he was breathing. Her heart beat loudly in her ears as she grabbed her black wool jacket and hurried out the door.

This was beginning to be too much.

6 thoughts on “PART II”

  1. First of all, this girl best stop saying this man’s name out loud in the bathroom at 2:30am. Secondly, can’t believe it’s taken me so long to get wrapped up in this delightful web of lies and lust. Loves.

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