Sliding Doors- Fiction Series

hello all.

a lonnng while ago, i wanted to challenge myself and write fiction that was filled with “scandal” and drama, in the more contemporary sense of the word. i don’t know where exactly the line is drawn that differentiates literary fiction from contemporary fiction, but i’d say until Sliding Doors, i was much closer to the literary side of things.

this was intended to be just a short story but due to (somewhat surprising) popularity, i have continued to add more additions to the saga.  so i figured i’d post this series for your entertainment. i’ve grown to like Nigel and Jade and friends for the most part. let me know what you think (constructive criticism is welcome too). all feedback and comments are appreciated. and if you do happen to like, please share!

i’ve had a blast writing this, hope you enjoy just as much.

thanks for reading. love and light!

1 thought on “Sliding Doors- Fiction Series”

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