i only considered it a myth on the mouths of lonely women

longing for a time when hints of jasmine rose like smoke between their thighs,

and men had reason to worry of their departure.

“they always come back” they said, eyes twinkling with redemption songs.


i laughed, nodded in agreement with a lying nod.

and now.

thrown, cast, leapt, jumped, dumped, disappeared– out into the wild

no matter the exit strategy, they’ve started to come back from their landings,

from world travels, from swollen wombs of wives, longing arms of girlfriends,

from business ventures gone wrong, and gone wealth.

debunking my theory of myths

–my inboxes a disjointed script of Ghosts of Hims Past.

“i’ll fly you,” they say. “do you miss me?” they ask. “just lunch?” they bargain.

ulterior motives dripping like drool from hungry wolf fangs.

my head shakes, heart long turned away.

forgotten boomerangs

a strange phenomenon.

no thank you, sirs.

no thank you.


a dozen ways to Live,
we taught each other how to breathe
without oxygen
oxymoronic collaborations of genius
we crafted,
between stained fingers and intertwined strands
of lust and Love…
coasting on intangible planes of Pure.

not meant for consumption
yet you ate off my plate of afflicted beautiful
like your last meal was at stake
i fed you spoonfuls of consistent inconsistency…
washed your tongue with my words,
smiling in the moments when our palates met gracefully.

imperfected flawlessly, we reached
so far beyond any planet or star, we named this Abyss
sealed with a kiss of wrists when i lay lazily across your midriff
and not meant to rhyme but reason escaped, so Be was let Be.


no words to express

thoughts to dissect

just up.

too many unexpected goodbyes haunt what used to be

pleasant dreams

now, awake in the silence of my mind’s abyss

wondering if

i look up in the wee-hour sky, would i catch your smile in a star.

wondering how

many hours will lead to days that lead to weeks

until i don’t feel



randomness. lol. i am continuing the Sliding Doors series in a separate page on this blog. look up. see ‘About’? now look to the right of it. yeaah. that’s where i will be posting all of the series. if you like it, love it, or hate its guts, let me know. 🙂 part II is UP!

recent developments in my fiction life have me motivated so, i don’t exactly know how long this will be. lol. just keep reading and we will see. thanks!