i don’t want, nobody but you…

last night i was reminded how much i love this song.

my fav part? phonte’s verse of course.

Hey yo, it’s been a long time since we been out
Got tipsy, and pulled the gin out
Sat down thinking of you, and pulled my pen out
Sexin with you is more than just sweaty in outs
You melted my ice grill girl, and bought the grin out
I never thought that I would get this shit out
Imagine me that nigga walking ’round in the mall with matching timb’s out
Emotions I gotta get out
Down with a nigga way before I had a hit out, now that’s splendid
My brothers love you and my moms recommend it
Carry my seed, now I’m carrying dependents
So why we gotta keep this love jones suspended
I’m trying to build a family girl, ’cause we kindred

you ever come across an old song that you used to love and it becomes new all over again? loves it.

def fantasies

traveling down memory lane via youtube, came across two of my favs, evaaa.

def poetry was one of my favorite shows, ever ever.

this song just does something to me. still. love love love. haven’t written a Love poem in so long, but this makes me want to.

see i wanna uh…

and i was thinking we could…

and if you wouldn’t mind, a little…

and if you’re ready, we can always…

love that part.

amazing how different they both look now.

mos. jill. what’s not to love.

better than Love, we made Delicious… he me had, and had me he, he had me tongue-tied…

love it. i’m inspired. lol.

part IV is up in the Sliding Doors series above. i’ll try to have V up by monday.

anyone else have a fav def poetry moment?

happy friday people. 🙂