why moving sucks.

so if you don’t know, i’ve decided to take my talents to … somewhere in NY this fall.

*applause track*

i’m beyond excited to move. looking forward to attending school in NY, the thousands of food choices available, the men and their sexy accents, the shopping, establishments actually being open past 11pm, hanging with all of my peoples that live on the coast of the east, running in central park, and seeing everything i’ve never gotten a chance to see during the times i’ve visited.

unfortunately, this means i actually have to move. and moving means i have to pack, uproot my life, tie loose ends dangling in Michigan, and … oh yeah, move.

i’ve decided moving, especially out of state, sucks. i haven’t packed one box and i’m already tired of packing. you don’t really realize how much “stuff” you have until you find yourself standing in front of random plastic tubs, files, and drawers full of miscellaneous items and papers and have to make the decision to sell, giveaway or take with. these decisions have been torturous. absolutely torturous!

do i keep my stuffed Pink Panther that i’ve had for the last ten years or is 29 the cut off for him hanging with me? same with the puppy holding the heart that says “kiss” that has been with me since my 24th birthday (i’m a valentine baby. lots and lots of stuffed animals nestled with hearts have been received. lol. but he’s my fav). and this painting from 10th grade. what do i do with it? all the memorabilia from my six years as a varsity volleyball coach … is it worth taking?


the possibility of living with a roommate further complicates things because now i’m deciding on what furniture i love the most. it’s just so hard. i quit. i know me, and i know if i don’t get some sort of inspiration rained upon me, what will probably happen is that i’m either going to push the eff it button and sell everything, or decide i can’t part with anything and put my whole life in storage until further notice.

*looks around* *sighs*

i love my apartment. it took me about two months to find this place near downtown detwah (you love my french) and i wish i could just dig it up and ship it in its entirety to NY, drop it atop one of those buildings, and begin my life in NY. my bathroom alone equals a rent increase of around 300 dollars in the big apple. womp.

so while i’m uber excited to start anew and everyone says that’s where my soul belongs (for some reason i give off the NYer vibe to folks), this process is becoming rather toilsome.

sigh. off to pack.

anyone have any tips on how to make an out of state move go smoothly? i’m all ears. or eyes.