#52Essays2017, Love and such

3. run

run away. my strongest instinct, one dwelling in the back of the mind for most of my life. a coward's term for victory. my confession: i have always been a runner. an active runner. 2004: the boyfriend i have spent most of the last six years with, following, leading, loving, fighting, cheating, healing, mothering, pulls out a ring,… Continue reading 3. run

Love and such

these three words…

"wait. you just said love." "i know." "does he know this?" "no. i can't let him know that first!" this conversation with a friend about disclosing feelings of Love to her boyfriend (such an odd word for an adult male, but whatever) made me think about all the times i've held off from saying these… Continue reading these three words…

Love and such

if i had never Loved you.

if i had never Loved you. this thought sails on the usually whimsical winds of my mind ever so often. my memory is a picky and selfish woman, keeping what she needs and having no regard for that which cannot benefit her. she keeps this thought. this idea of if i had never Loved you.… Continue reading if i had never Loved you.

Love and such

picket fences

when i was a little girl, my friends and i used to play "house" (not nate dog's version. RIP), "wedding" (in which some little boy would begrudgingly walk down the sidewalk aisle and have his friends laugh at him only because he liked you -- not much changes with that when they reach adulthood, eh?… Continue reading picket fences

Love and such

…and somehow, i always lose.

i hate arguing. with anyone. particularly, with men. i hate arguing with men because i am incredibly inept at the art of scathing words and whipping necks and icy attitude. i know what you're thinking, a black woman that isn't good at having an attitude? no way. lol. yes, tis true. i suck at being… Continue reading …and somehow, i always lose.