“You write in order to change the world, knowing perfectly well that you probably can’t, but also knowing that literature is indispensable to the world….The world changes according to the way people see it, and if you alter, even by a millimeter, the way …people look at reality, then you can change it.”
-James Baldwin

Just a woman in her 30s trying to get these words out. Figured it’s about time to take my writing seriously. 

About time to finish that book, publish that essay.

Blogger since 2007? And you know,  it’s just time to get it done.

Never felt the urgency before. Now I do.

I change up this bio ever so often, when whim hits me. Partly because I am incredibly indecisive. Mostly because, like most people, I am ever changing. Ever changing because somewhere inside I feel like I am everything I’ve ever wanted, waiting to happen. And because that magical Happening that I’m waiting for, evolves as I reach goals and progress in life, in Love, in career.

One constant that remains though, one definitive, is the love of writing. To me, writers are magicians. Creators. Impassioned wielders of words that heal, help, inform, entertain, enlighten or make a difference in the life/year/month/day of anyone who has happened to collide with them. And for this reason, I write. Knowing that my words have affected lives, inspired wedding vows, rants, self-reflection, and hysterical laughter, makes each click of each key worth it.

Fiction is my Love, the one who has my heart, but I find myself having a steady stream of random affairs with that smooth cat Poetry, and his brutally honest friend Essay. 
Dusted off this blog and dared myself to join the #52essays2017 challenge. It’s intimidating,  but I know I will stretch and grow and learn, which is the goal.

You’ll find them conveniently together in the menu at the top, or just click the #52essays2017 category on the side.

I read the quote above by my very favorite author James Baldwin ever so often as a reminder that words– my words, and anyone else that deems themselves a writer– matter. So I choose to make them count.

I love lowercase letters, natural hair, volleyball, photography, DIY projects,  fitness, music, fashion, healthy recipes, running, smart or unusual words, meeting smart or unusual people, and reading good books.

And i’m certainly not perfect.

But i’m always Write.



  1. Hey! I like your blog. SBM sent me. I’ll definitely be swinging back by to check out more of your content. Also, I’m really diggin the name of your blog. Creative and hot.

  2. With so many blogs talking about the same thing. It is always refreshing to find someone who has discover their own voice and when they share it they inspire others to be…

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