i only considered it a myth on the mouths of lonely women

longing for a time when hints of jasmine rose like smoke between their thighs,

and men had reason to worry of their departure.

“they always come back” they said, eyes twinkling with redemption songs.


i laughed, nodded in agreement with a lying nod.

and now.

thrown, cast, leapt, jumped, dumped, disappeared– out into the wild

no matter the exit strategy, they’ve started to come back from their landings,

from world travels, from swollen wombs of wives, longing arms of girlfriends,

from business ventures gone wrong, and gone wealth.

debunking my theory of myths

–my inboxes a disjointed script of Ghosts of Hims Past.

“i’ll fly you,” they say. “do you miss me?” they ask. “just lunch?” they bargain.

ulterior motives dripping like drool from hungry wolf fangs.

my head shakes, heart long turned away.

forgotten boomerangs

a strange phenomenon.

no thank you, sirs.

no thank you.

11 thoughts on “Boomerang”

  1. Beautiful writing! And as you have learned, they really do come back. And always when you’re at your happiest and/or involved… I believe they come back to steal little pieces of the joy you have, leaving you slightly depleted and ultimately searching for a way to get back full.
    And if their returns are a test, then the only way to pass is to skip that question because any answer given would be wrong and cause you to fail.

    1. thank you!
      i have been saying in conversations… i feel like men can smell happiness and feel it their absolute duty to come and see if they can disrupt it. smh. you’re right. i’m queen of no reply needed.


    this ENTIRE post is IT!! (and ps i wrote about this. it’s real. and it’s been the story of my life girl!!).

  3. How true is this? And I always wonder in relationships if your significant other is still trying to go back to another. Its like a cylcle.
    oan… I am a permanent member of ur blog now. Amazing writing!!!!

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