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Those Lazy Hazy Crazy Days of Summer

the evening breeze in New York City has started to carry more of a nip, a subtle but distinct reminder that fall will shortly cover the streets with its colors and take over wardrobes; replacing rompers and gladiator sandals with skinny jeans and tall leather boots, tank tops and free-flying afros with smartly layered sweaters and protective styles.

this summer was surely supposed to be THEE summer. after all the positives and “just wait ’til summer”s thrown around, i was to be in for the treat that was three hot months spent in The City.

and, it mostly was.

NYC sun seems to be more intense, more concentrated than Michigan’s, to my great pleasure. my tan reached deep in the hues and settled at a nice hershey’s bar color. i became more of a New Yorker than i ever thought possible, not batting an eye at topless women strolling across parks, ignoring the arguing couple next door that is the epitome of Hood Love, dropping a dollar into the upturned hats of those that entertained my daily subway ride without even having to look up from the novel that became so innate to carry.

i laid out on blankets along Riverside park and carved dreams into plans while tracing fingers lazily along a surprisingly soft bald head. i discovered talent on talent on talent when cruising through an independent film festival, and bought countless pairs of earrings and necklaces from bargaining street vendors lining 125th. i learned to navigate my way through the city by train, on feet, and on rollerblades, adding a little shape to the bump below my waist in the process.

i experienced more flurries of kisses to nose, to forehead, to lips, than i have ever in life. i attended barbecues and cookouts sponsored by greeks and ivy leaguers and married folks, and friends of friends, and met so many dope people in the process.

i celebrated in the Domican Republic the completion of one year with the person that’s made my time in New York infinitely more memorable. i made so many new friendships and strengthened existing ones (*blows kisses to Latoya, Diana, Mika, Marilyn*). i danced, i laughed, i downed my first shot to a round of cheers.

mostly, it was a good summer. one though, that hasn’t been filled with as many accomplishments as i had planned. i scrapped an entire 200 pages of a book i’ve been working on since moving to NYC was only a desire in the back of my thoughts. i wrote so many short stories that will never see the light of publish. i started three projects with a burst of enthusiasm, and halted them with quick deflation.

twas not all in vain though. i did find a new fairy careermother that i am confident will have my name on some binder enclosing the 300 pages of my blood, sweat, and many tears. i wrote five solid short stories that managed to make it through my impossible self-scrutiny to submit to literary magazines. i embarked on a project with three of the sexiest pens in blogland that i am sure will be one of my best decisions this year.

this month also marks my one year anniversary of actually residing in this big dirty apple. i’ve discovered a lot about myself during this time. i’ve discovered i’m not nearly as money-driven as my educated and upwardly mobile peers seem to be. i’ve realized that being naturally good at things has rendered me unaccustomed to working hard, or working at all really, for anything, and had become a severe handicap that has just recently started to be less plaguing as i finally find myself able to climb over its debilitating hold. i discovered that i am comfortable being out at concerts, at parties, at cookouts … but i am more comfortable being in; behind a book, behind a desk, behind a computer screen, in front of words, in front of friends, in museums, in lounges with a familiar faces. in the city with eight million new faces, i discovered my introvert.

i discovered that writing is not nearly as easy when you have to do it, though necessary and worth it if you want to do it.

i’ve learned that i am able to adapt, to grow, to make a home wherever i may go. i’ve discovered the truth in the phrase “if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere.”

15 thoughts on “Those Lazy Hazy Crazy Days of Summer”

  1. great post. like i said on my post i wish i only would have met more people this summer. it seems like in the winter ppl aren’t really that sociable. i still have the same circle of people i knew when i moved here. i’m not complaining tho. actually i am. where is the next installment of sliding doors with all this writing you’ve been doing??? lolol j/k

    1. you know, i only met people because of Beau and school. outside of those two, i probably wouldn’t know many people. i still have the core friends i hang out with now though as when i first moved, too.

      and Sliding Doors soon comes! for real this time. lol

  2. You seem to be really enjoying your surroundings. I can tell you are having fun. I look forward to reading more of your blog. I am a first time reader. I could literally see bits of New York through your eyes.

  3. nice post!!! im so happy for you – the new life youve created in NYC and all the things that have come with it. and im so glad we FINALLY got to meet in person πŸ™‚

    i wish you the best with the writing. i know the process hasnt been easy but you are making progress! maybe another fall in the big DIRTY apple is what you need to get your mojo back on track. whatevre the case, i will patiently await the day when your work has an ISBN and can be brought home to put on my bookshelf.

  4. Hey Muze—working on a new blog.
    Anyhoo. Wowsee and congrats on your first year yay. I remember the post about you packing πŸ˜‰
    “in front of words” mmmm delightful

  5. Damn, the way you use words is incredible. This post was so beautifully and vividly written, I’m still trying to sum up the way you just made me feel. Lol

    You’re extremely talented. If the writings you’re scrapping are anything remotely like what I just read then please keep them because your words are very poignant. Although I’ve never experienced the NYC life I just felt it through you.

    Keep up the great work! I’ll definitely purchase whatever you put out.

    1. this comment made my day. thank you so much for the words. great to know people enjoy reading my words as much as i enjoy writing them. πŸ™‚

  6. Awwww. *hug* I’m so glad your talented ass moved down here! See nothing but greatness in your damn future. Glad to count you among my friends and be able to say I knew you

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