Because I Love Art: Ai Weiwei

i love art.

sculpture, painting, chalk, collage, photography, classical, romantic, modern … i have a sincere appreciation for most art forms, as i consider writers a certain type of artist. somewhere hiding in a box marked “Old Stuff” in a corner of my mom’s basement, is a box full of my sketches, chalk works, and paintings. thinking about it, i’m a pretty right-brained person. i appreciate pretty much any creative medium, thus the reason why i couldn’t decide between art, photography or creative writing to focus on in school. writing won, but i still have special places in my heart for easels and lenses.

which is why i get excited when i discover dope artists i’m not familiar with. enter Chinese contemporary artist, Ai Weiwei.

some of you may be familiar, some of you may not. he’s uber famous so i’m a little late, but the beauty of art is that it can be discovered by someone everyday, and have an impact over and over again.

he’s not only a genius artist but a political activist (as in he was being monitored by the Chinese government for a while) and his style is usually to take something old (idea, physical object) and make it conceptually new. i think his work is amazing.


have any artists you really like? share them with me please! happy friday šŸ™‚


  1. One of my favorite artists is Elizabeth Catlett. I nearly got punked by a security guard because I was standing outside an office building after hours that had a Catlett in the lobby. Dude, I wasn’t trying to break in, just looking at the art…

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