The Acquiescence


“the anticipation of love-making got you shaking when you’re standing near me…”

the build up has been almost impossible to handle.

anticipating which scent you’d bless the atmosphere and my nostrils with on this night. what words would ignite the grin that led to the touch, that led to sweet kisses. who would be the first to intimately invade the other’s personal space.

and now, i stand before you. vulnerable, yet confident. skin glowing like nature’s light has kissed it and permanently named it Golden. i’m wearing brown … skin. supple brown and Chanel … perfume. i turn, slowly. enjoy the tour your eyes take from the curve of my nose, up the peak of my hardened chocolate mounds, down the valley between my toned thighs, to the very last pink polished toenail.

you are immersed, visually. i dare to drown you.

the smirk on my glossed lips do well at keeping secret the fact that my heart is doing an Olympic sprint in my chest. a subtle lift in your eyebrow hints at your intrigue with my confidence.

and so, i walk, slowly. sashay these hips like they’ve already carried and bore your legacy. walk towards your looming stature like i am Queen of the Nile. you smile.

hands meet hips, and Heaven parts. opens up and releases an astounding bolt of kismetic energy in the form of lightening between skin. you are electric. fingers molding to my golden brown as if they themselves formed me from your rib almost three decades ago, when God decided i was made for you.

Love lingers. unspoken, it awaits the right moment to voice its long ago confirmed conclusions. waits for the Mango Mint on my bottom lip to meet the one currently being held captive by your top teeth. studies the flicker in your dark eyes. examines the BPM of my still racing heart.

confirmed real, you lean, take my, take this, take … it.

slowly, surely, we mesh. your tongue blazing trails that have only been experienced through dreaming eyelids until now. i capture the essence of that sweet spot on your neck with my own oral glory. claim that spot to be mine, as soft kisses melt the toffee of your skin.

we begin.

acquiesce enthusiastically to beginnings of beginnings. recognizing this winning combination, i receive your heart and your girth at once, both recognizing their home, in me.

submerged, you swim. purify my waters with a superlative medley of naughty and nice. discover passionately, depths even i had no knowledge of. lifted on high by your arms and the intoxication of your slow percussion, i mount.

perched atop your love’s nest, i rename the deepest secret of my garden in your honor. move these hips as if they’ve already carried and bore your legacy. execute sensual motions of hypnosis on your interminable stature like i am Queen of the Nile.

you smile.

17 thoughts on “The Acquiescence”

  1. I wanted to save the photo for later. It’s hawt! And I was thinking about what I would save it as, but when I clicked to save it, the original title was perfect: yessir

    LMAO. I cant think of a better one. Just Yes. Yes. Yes. and some mo’ YES.

    And I love your piece. *fans herself*

    1. LOL i stole that pic from a friend’s blog and i thought the EXACT same thing, which is why it’s still titled that. haha.


  2. *herbal essence girl voice* YES YES YESSSSSSSS! Oh excuse me. Good stuff. I didn’t know you write all poetic-like. Nice writing. πŸ™‚ And that picture is er’thang.

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