why moving sucks.

so if you don’t know, i’ve decided to take my talents to … somewhere in NY this fall.

*applause track*

i’m beyond excited to move. looking forward to attending school in NY, the thousands of food choices available, the men and their sexy accents, the shopping, establishments actually being open past 11pm, hanging with all of my peoples that live on the coast of the east, running in central park, and seeing everything i’ve never gotten a chance to see during the times i’ve visited.

unfortunately, this means i actually have to move. and moving means i have to pack, uproot my life, tie loose ends dangling in Michigan, and … oh yeah, move.

i’ve decided moving, especially out of state, sucks. i haven’t packed one box and i’m already tired of packing. you don’t really realize how much “stuff” you have until you find yourself standing in front of random plastic tubs, files, and drawers full of miscellaneous items and papers and have to make the decision to sell, giveaway or take with. these decisions have been torturous. absolutely torturous!

do i keep my stuffed Pink Panther that i’ve had for the last ten years or is 29 the cut off for him hanging with me? same with the puppy holding the heart that says “kiss” that has been with me since my 24th birthday (i’m a valentine baby. lots and lots of stuffed animals nestled with hearts have been received. lol. but he’s my fav). and this painting from 10th grade. what do i do with it? all the memorabilia from my six years as a varsity volleyball coach … is it worth taking?


the possibility of living with a roommate further complicates things because now i’m deciding on what furniture i love the most. it’s just so hard. i quit. i know me, and i know if i don’t get some sort of inspiration rained upon me, what will probably happen is that i’m either going to push the eff it button and sell everything, or decide i can’t part with anything and put my whole life in storage until further notice.

*looks around* *sighs*

i love my apartment. it took me about two months to find this place near downtown detwah (you love my french) and i wish i could just dig it up and ship it in its entirety to NY, drop it atop one of those buildings, and begin my life in NY. my bathroom alone equals a rent increase of around 300 dollars in the big apple. womp.

so while i’m uber excited to start anew and everyone says that’s where my soul belongs (for some reason i give off the NYer vibe to folks), this process is becoming rather toilsome.

sigh. off to pack.

anyone have any tips on how to make an out of state move go smoothly? i’m all ears. or eyes.

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  1. I LOVE a NY accent, too. Anyway, we’ve talked about this already but I gotta show love here as well. From one writer to the next, I’m so happy for you as you go to the next level of your writing journey!

    But, yeah, even ANYTHING forces you to truly clean up and get rid of ish you don’t need (because lawd, I am quite the packrat), is moving from one joint to the next. Hopefully it’s as stressless and simple for you as moving can be. 🙂

    Oh, and whenever I move, I’m definitely taking my Stitch (as in “Lilo and…”) with me so I hight advise you take your beloved Pink Panther.

    1. ETA: That should say “if”, not “even.” How’d I get “even” outta “if?” Blame it on the Tuesday. The boogie, too.

    2. thanks! 🙂

      i LOVE Lilo and Stich!

      and yeah Tucker is definitely in the “keep” pile. don’t ask me why i named my pink panther Tucker. i did though. lol

      and i blame everything on the boogie. it works.

  2. Yes, moving to NYC can be daunting and even holes in the wall can be expensive. Don’t fret though it’s a worthwhile experience living here, even if you happen to live in Manhattan of all places (blehck). But since you’re a pretty girl there’s always easy ways to make money in the city just by standing around, smiling and passing out flyers. Also, MoMA is overrated. Head out to Astoria to the Moving Image Museum instead.

    1. you’re the third person to tell me MoMA is overrated. interesting.

      thanks for the tips. def not about to be a flier girl though. lmbo. o_O

  3. Congrats on your move. And make sure you have a couch big enough for me to be comfortable when I come to visit. And you don’t give off a NYer vibe. You just hang around some backwards people.

    1. thanks!

      though everything about this comment is wrong. lol. i am a thug and i do have a NY aura dangit. my friends aren’t backwards, they’re awesome! and people who smell bad are not allowed in my house, let alone my sofa. thanks. 🙂

  4. Congrats darling!!

    On the move, I say don’t take anything you won’t need as you start anew in NY. In fact, I say leave most of the old stuff beind, except for htose things that are special to you, and represents who you are and how far you’ve come. If you can’t live without it, take it. If you haven’t even looked at it in 5 years, leave it. I’ve moved a lot since undergrad, and When I get to my new place, I always regret not throwing out more junk. Old junk in a new place doesn’t sit well with me, and I always go through a major purge after a move. I think your new space should reflect the newness in you, but should also include a few things that remind you of who you are, whose you are, and how far you’ve come. Not sure if that helps, lol, but there it is.
    Dang, everyone’s moving to NY. Maybe I should include NY in my job searches… naw, DC is enough for me. lol. Besides, if I move there, I won’t be able to hate on those dumb sports teams… lol.

    1. thanks Nia 🙂

      yeah i’m thinking that just getting rid of a lot of this stuff will eliminate a massive headache. so yeah… i see a big garage/yard/craigslist sale in my future. lol

  5. you already know i’m feeling this post. i’ll be moving to new york in a couple weeks as well. i was feeling pretty anxious until i actually found a place to live. now the hard part is moving. i’ve packed about 10 boxes so far so i’m making progress. i’ve decided to sell every single piece of furniture i own. this includes 3 sofas, 3 chairs, coffee tables, washer/dryer, my bed. i actually put it all on craigslist today. i’ve already sold one living room set.

    look forward to meeting you at some point and time.

    the good thing about my roommate is we’re real cool. we actually just graduated together from meharry this past fall and she’s a dentist so she’ll be working in the bronx. i’m kind of wary about living with people i don’t know.

    if you send me your email i have this checklist of things that you need to do week by week to make your move more smooth. its helped me a lot so far.

    1. see i don’t even have all that furniture. and i love my bedroom stuff too much to sell it. lol. though i just might. we’ll see.

      and um yeah… i plan to be at the 30 bash! …maybe. lol

      grazie for the checklist. if i was that organized i’d be a millionaire by now. …or a Ph.D holder. lmbo.

  6. Being that I just made the same exact move from the D in December I have a few tips. Only take what is very important to you and what you will need during the time that you’re coming. Typical NYC apartments are small and if you end up with a roommate or roommates you’re going to be sharing space. When I came I didn’t even bring any furniture. I gave stuff away and bought new things once I got to NY. I shipped all of my winter clothes and shoes via UPS, which I must say that I highly recommend shipping via UPS if you’re not driving during your move. UPS is the cheapest company and they also offer insurance. All of my boxes made it to NY before I did and safely without anything missing. I went back home this summer and shipped the rest of the belongings which, were summer clothes and shoes. Initially I wanted to drive to NY but, the pricing for rental trucks and even cars were just ridiculous being that I was going 1 way and out of state. I’m sure you’re also aware of how much it costs to fly luggage on a plane. So I highly recommend just shipping your stuff vs. trying to drive or fly.

    1. grazieness!

      yeah i’m going to drive but my clothes alone will fill an entire car. lol. sigh. thinking i may have to store some at mom’s until summer.

  7. Congrats on the move and going to NYU! I moved from Nashville to Denver two years ago and will be moving cross country again for grad school next year. It is an exhausting process. The best thing to do is organize, organize, organize! Only take the things you really need and things that really mean something to you.

    Good luck to you love!

  8. On the one hand, NYC is all about limited space so I’m inclined to go with my usual sell everything MO. Then again, it’s also hella expensive, so take any and everything you think you might need so you don’t have to pay their prices for it. Also, transporting or even just receiving large items within the city is super annoying because of unique NYC issues. Shipping is definitely where it’s at because moving trucks are ridiculous for one-way interstate moves. I was told good things about Amtrak shipping, but they only go to Newark station, not into the 5 boroughs. If you’ll have a car that could work for you. I just did the reverse of your move over the winter with only a minivan rental because all the stuff I had acquired didn’t fit my energy anymore and I don’t have the patience.

  9. Muze…. i can’t wait until you get here!!! my advice for moving to NYC.. begin looking for a place now, write/call/text/direct msg/bbm all your contacts because sometimes finding an apt is very hard… secondly i know its hard to part with things but the odds of finding a place that can fit your things is slim to none… sell all that you can part with… keep only what is truly necessary… good luck

  10. The best advice I can give you if you haven’t already come across it is a href=http://www.citymaps.com>City Maps. It is unequivocally the best guide to the city.

  11. Not sure where you are with the move…I’m always late to the party, but I used ABF moving truck (You pack, it they drive it, you unpack it) for moving from the D to Vegas. It was cheaper than driving a u-haul or hiring movers…it’s a happy medium.
    Good luck and if I didn’t have all these kids I would’ve moved there in NY minute too.
    Ohh, just chuck most of it except your books, shoes and nice furniture.

  12. I just love love love the way that you put words together.

    Seeing as these comments were left in 2011, I am super curous to know where you are now with things, and how you adjusted?


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