so i've noticed

skinny girls are sexy too, dangit.

“I’ll give her motivation. motivation to eat! too skinny!”

i read this tweet Sunday night while watching the BET awards with the rest of Twitter, the words aimed at Kelly Rowland.

i thought kelly looked hot. sounded good, danced well, and made me want to dance about sexily for some handsome man.

i could only sigh playfully, puzzled at the amount of skinny slander that has been in my life as of late. this week alone i’ve read/heard that skinny is un-sexy or some other synonym approximately 21971 times.

okay that’s hyperbole, but just cut it in half and there you have it.Β someone even told me i’m in the Euro beauty standard zone. lol. lawd.

as a former really skinny girl and now just a plain thin chick with muscle tone, i’ve heard my fair share of skinny jokes. my nickname for the longest was Slim. some folks and strangers still refer to me as that or some variety. if i had a dime for every man that has told me i’d be (insert some slang epitome of “fine”) if i only gained weight over the years … i’d have at least a dollar out of fifteen cents (a dime and a nickel). sorry. RIP my hubby Tupac. points to you if you knew the song without clicking. lol

anyhoo. my whole adult life i’ve had random folks offer me food, tell me to eat, get some meat on my bones, etc. even my best friend has endless jokes. and we won’t even start on the moms of boyfriends who thought i was starving myself and made me eat with them just so they could make sure.

my question is, what’s wrong with being thin?


i’m a strong proponent of working with what you have. even though i don’t think i’m all that small at all, i’ve learned to embrace my thin-ness and strut what my mama didn’t give me with confidence. and i know plenty of fabulous women in every type of body, shape and size range, but each time i read about black man’s preferences, tigolbitties, big butt, and accompanying thickness usually top the list.

and that’s great for those who have that. heck, i’m often amazed myself that someone’s booty-to-waist ratio would even be able to do that. lol. but …

can i be great TOO? geesh.

funny thing is, yesterday, i randomly tweeted a pic of my thugfaceΒ i do before i run (ba-by cause i’ma thug), and received more than a few messages within like ten minutes of that, asking what my fitness routine is besides running. … from women who have the very shape and assets that black men like.

i don’t understand. lol.

i suppose a fitness/nutrition post is coming soon though. πŸ™‚

this is a silly post, but really Black Man, SKINNY GIRLS ARE SEXY TOO.

that is all.

please tell me i’m not the only that feels this way. lol

34 thoughts on “skinny girls are sexy too, dangit.”

  1. Good post Muze. I think skinny chicks get more shade from big girls than big girls get from skinny girls.

    Also, I think a lot of people under estimate just how much black men enjoy skinny women. We’ve kinda allowed the “black men only like thick women” stereotype to perpetuate itself a little much. Personally, I’m a sucker for a pretty face. I’ll take a pretty face on whatever body it comes.

    1. Oh, and I forgot to mention, that twitpic was the first time I’ve ever seen you, and the rest of your body is totally different from the mental image of your body I’d constructed in my head, based on your avatar. My mental image of you is all eff’d up now. Thanks.

      But good flick though.

      1. OMG I totally agree. At first glance, I thought “Why would a thicker chick be supporting us skinnies?” I swear, I thought you were taller and a bit thicker just from your avatar on your site & twitter. I’m all f*cked up Muze. I’m also a “skinny” one. (pic may come soon) and I get tired of even being asked about whether I eat or not. I sound like a broken record and if I could gain weight, I’d have been on it 40 lbs ago. Oh, that’s right. I did. I have. I’m stuck at “skinny” anyway. Oh. Well.

    2. LOL cracking up at the botched mental image. i won’t even ask what you had conjured up. a few bloggers have done that to me, too. when i saw the SBM/VSB pic from the DC event, i was soooo off on just about all of yall. lol.

        1. well i thought Doc was Most and Most was Doc, for starters… lmbo

          i’ve always thought Streetz was chubby and he’s not…

          i thought Slim was like 5’10 160ish…


          so yeah… i was way off. lol

  2. There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with being thin.

    My sister was a size 00 for YEARS. When she first got pregnant with her son, she was a size 3 and then gained ALL that weight most mommies get in the last couple of months. It was hard for her to find clothes that weren’t baggy as hell [growing up] and people were CONSTANTLY trying to feed her. Our grandfather nicknamed her Po’ Gal…because he said she looked like someone starved her to death. She HATED how people treated her, simply because she was so skinny. Her metabolism was on crackspeed so just her breathing, kept her thin [slight exaggeration].

    My thing is, BE whatever size you WANT and feel comfortable at it. Please just be healthy. Our society instead fixates on appearance SO damn much that people are willing to risk their health JUST to be skinny or thick. It isn’t worth it.

    The assholes pushing “be thin” or “be thick” are not helping either.

    1. LOL @ Po Gal. that ain’t right. lol. i feel for her. i was a size three for a few years consistently and my best friend’s mother literally sat me down for an intervention and asked if i was depressed. smh.

      My thing is, BE whatever size you WANT and feel comfortable at it. Please just be healthy. Our society instead fixates on appearance SO damn much that people are willing to risk their health JUST to be skinny or thick. It isn’t worth it.

      THIS. i have a gf that was a size 0 all her life as well. she started eating like crazy to gain weight after she graduated, and now that she’s gained, she’s trying to lose it! lol. the amount of “dannng you’ve gotten thick!” comments she received was astronomical though. funny. goes to show you trying to change yourself solely to please men will have you confused. lol

  3. Muze- you look SO good…that tweet pic says it all. I agree with Most up thread: big girls tend to hate on smaller chicks. Keep doing you, you’re blessed to have a high metabolism and if we took a poll most people would kill to have that.

    1. thanks lady!

      if i was a big girl or a thick girl, i’d show off my assets lol. but since i’m not, i’ma be proud of my non-assets. lmboo.

      1. Muze,
        You look into and you are undoubtedly a throwback to the pretty women of yore. You are exquisitely Rubenesque and willowy of form πŸ™‚ Very lovely to behold indeed!!

  4. Skinny girls are sexy!

    The dumbest thing I ever heard my brother say was “Aaliyah would be even more banging if she gained 20lbs.” I understand that dudes have their preferences but when I hear “She’s good but would be sexier if only she…” If it pisses God off if you walk by the color purple in a field somewhere and don’t notice it I’m feel the same way about not noticing sexy in its various forms.

    1. O_o at your brother. those are the kinds of comments i used to get allllll the time.

      sexy does come in all shapes and sizes. including skinny dangit. lol

  5. I agree – as a “thick” girl who was formally thin lol (its amazing when you wake up and your thighs catch up with you booty turning 30 was a mug) I digress……… Again I agree with your post as I had to learn to be comfortable and confident in both spaces!

    1. LOL yeah i hit 28 last year and my body was like ohhh no chick… can’t just eat whatever you want anymore without consequences. lol. i understand. lol. i never could’ve imagined the day either. lol

  6. People who hate on skinny girls are lame. My entire life I was called Skinny Minnie….still am by the guy I am currently dating (I’ve known him since college, way before my 115 lb days) Now as an almost 32 year old woman I am up to 135 and still considered skinny, but who cares. At least I am not a “thick” chick who is really 1 McChicken away from being fat.

  7. Yes we are! (Re: your post’s title). I’ve also always been thin and am glad to see your article. I say whatevs to all those with the negative comments. As long as I am comfortable in my skin and healthy–at whatever size–I am doing great. (BTW, I think you look great)

  8. I’ve never been skinny. Even at my smallest I was all boobs and thighs even tho I DESPERATELY wanted to be smaller. The thing is tho, you’re right. Sexy is subjective. Different people find different things sexy so skinny can be just as sexy as curvy can be just as sexy as heavy set. It’s all about what the person who is looking at it likes (and what they want to do with it, lol).

  9. I agree with everything you said. I have been a skinny girl all my life and it doesn’t look like hitting 30 is changing that. I am sexy dangit!

  10. great post, and I’m not tall but even as a shortie being thin people used to tell me “well you could be a model” really? I’m barely 5’ and now 29 so totally not–but at least you really could be one! LOL
    And yes skinny, even though you aren’t to me (I don’t even call myself that anymore) totally can be sexy!!! *woot woot*

  11. I abosolutely adore this post.
    I had the same problem when I was younger.

    And today on face book I saw a picture of a Monroe vs. A thinner model and there was an area pointing to Monroe stating that because she had curves, she was sexier than the girl who didn’t…and for some reason it made me really angry. I understand that the girl was trying to promote curvery girls, but saying one is better than the other is horrible for me. Because over the past few years I’m consistantly told that being thin is not attractive but that’s what “the media finds attractive” ….if the media finds it’s attractive, than it’s attractive too!
    Frankly I think it’s really stupid. Because for those of us who are shorter and may not look good with “curves” or who gain weight in all the wrong places and the weight doesn’t become “curves” it’s naturally impossible to have a body like Monroe.

  12. The weirdest part is that where I live, (London) being thin or even skinny is something that most girls would kill for. I’m not exactly fat, but I’m not slim/skinny either. I’ve spent most of my life trying to be slim but it’s so damn hard :’)

    What I really wanted to say was that I’m tottally with you, skinny girls are ridiculously sexy and I don’t think you should get any form of abuse for it!

  13. I want to clear up a few things about curviness (is that a word?) LOL!!! Thickness does not neccessarily mean curvy. I have seen slender and heavier women that have beautiful bodies. look at Halle Berry, CoCo, Tyra Banks, Rihanna, Jessica White, Beyonce, Jennifer Hudson, Jada Pinckett, Serena Williams, Oprah and many more. Some of these women are slender and some are thicker, however they are all curvaceous. So please do not assume that because a woman is slender that she does not have curves!

  14. Just found this blog! Thank you so much! I’m a skinny black girl and at around 21, I finally got comfortable with my skinny self lol. It’s not only guys but family. Every woman in my family has big hips and butts in my family and are shapely. I’m shapely too…just in a slender sort of way.Everytime I get together for holidays or whatnot I hear my grandma say, “we gotta put some meat on your bones!” Or my oversized cousing who’ll say “you’re boney.” It gets too you after a while and I trip my hardest to be bigger. But I don’t gain weight! So, I said skip everybody. This is what God gave me, it’ll have to do. I can’t grow a butt lol.

    It took me a long time to understand why some (mostly non-black) girls wanted to get thinner. You constantly get the remarks from other women, “I wish I was like you and didn’t gain any weight” or “Some people have to watch their calories Bianca”. Shoot I got so tired of it! One time a girl expected me to be all sympathetic with the, ” I wish I was like you and didn’t gain any weight”line. But all I said was “yea”. Never got another comment from her. lol Mean maybe but I was tired of it. And that is how I started getting comfortable in my own skin.

    My bestfriend who was also black and skinny like me could relate. We would get so happy to fit in a size four or when we outgrew size 0’s lol. Anyways, when I started hanging out with bigger girls or normal lol (size 6-8). It clicked. They talked about diets and excercise and weight so much. It made me grateful I did not have to do all of that. I like to eat whenver and whatever I want and not have to worry about excercising it off. I excercise, but more to keep my body toned. Anyway, I figure when I get older, my metabolism will slow down and I may start gaining some weight. I’ll be happy at first but don’t see myself being happy with weight gain for long.I’m comfortable in my size. I’ve learned to show off my slender curves. But while my metabolism is still going strong, I’m livin it up lol. : D


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