def fantasies

traveling down memory lane via youtube, came across two of my favs, evaaa.

def poetry was one of my favorite shows, ever ever.

this song just does something to me. still. love love love. haven’t written a Love poem in so long, but this makes me want to.

see i wanna uh…

and i was thinking we could…

and if you wouldn’t mind, a little…

and if you’re ready, we can always…

love that part.

amazing how different they both look now.

mos. jill. what’s not to love.

better than Love, we made Delicious… he me had, and had me he, he had me tongue-tied…

love it. i’m inspired. lol.

part IV is up in the Sliding Doors series above. i’ll try to have V up by monday.

anyone else have a fav def poetry moment?

happy friday people. 🙂

2 thoughts on “def fantasies”

  1. heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey!! 😀 it’s been FAR too long. so funny. it was just a couple weeks ago that i thought about you and your blog, which i always enjoyed reading. i really miss my inspirational online sisters and need to get back to making blog visits on the regular. seems like i was much more uplifted then! gotta get back on it. earlier today while day dreaming, i remember thinking, “i miss my online sisters.”

    but. love rain??? one of my favorite pieces. the way it moves from a high to a low. the live version on the experience album touches and moves me everytime. this woman–miss jill scott–is an amazing poet and vocalist! love love love her and have since the age of 17.

    and mos def? well, well, well. yes. you can cover me. *blush*

    thank you for commenting on my blog recently!

    1. hey!!

      yeah i was so excited that i came across your site again. i’ve really got to transfer all my blogger friends over to the new site. i love that you’re still making clothes. i need to order some awesomeness from you.

      no problem. make sure you come back! 🙂

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