the bold type

The truth is, I have too often not risen to the occasion of myself. I have too often draped myself in the cloaks of softer, quieter.Fine.But I am not fine.I laugh too loud and fight too hard. I cannot manage a low key entrance and instead show up to trumpets. I like my sex rough… Continue reading the bold type


all my boring lives.

last year i wrote about running. how i have worn out many a figurative sole by simply fleeing, removing myself from the life of whomever i was currently sharing it with. i don't think i'll ever not feel the itch to just run, when things look funny in the light. but now i understand that… Continue reading all my boring lives.

#52Essays2017, Muzings

4. Mother’s Day

sometimes it's easy to forget it ever happened, to go about life and never have it surface in the forefront of my mind. even when i am reminded by my naked reflection, the now barely-there line of a scar etched below my pelvis, a slight kiss from a scalpel in yesteryears past; the small Bs that were… Continue reading 4. Mother’s Day

#52Essays2017, Love and such

3. run

run away. my strongest instinct, one dwelling in the back of the mind for most of my life. a coward's term for victory. my confession: i have always been a runner. an active runner. 2004: the boyfriend i have spent most of the last six years with, following, leading, loving, fighting, cheating, healing, mothering, pulls out a ring,… Continue reading 3. run



Boomerang. i only considered it a myth on the mouths of lonely women longing for a time when hints of jasmine rose like smoke between their thighs, and men had reason to worry of their departure. "they always come back" they said, eyes twinkling with redemption songs. Boomerang i laughed, nodded in agreement with a… Continue reading Boomerang

New York Times

Those Lazy Hazy Crazy Days of Summer

the evening breeze in New York City has started to carry more of a nip, a subtle but distinct reminder that fall will shortly cover the streets with its colors and take over wardrobes; replacing rompers and gladiator sandals with skinny jeans and tall leather boots, tank tops and free-flying afros with smartly layered sweaters… Continue reading Those Lazy Hazy Crazy Days of Summer