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my brilliant kiddies


there’s a young man. brilliant young man, age sixteen. a product of the what happens when Detroit Public Schools is met with a lack of parenting, a heavy influence of peers with a lack of parenting, and the disenchantment that occurs when seeing people that look like you become more familiar with the inside of … Continue reading

Love and such

too much, too soon?

it is said that history has a way of repeating itself. i suppose that’s why we study patterns of weather and society and behavior and illness and just about anything, to put provisions in place to avoid or insure outcomes of the past. but, is this always true with people? does history always repeat itself? … Continue reading



Boomerang. i only considered it a myth on the mouths of lonely women longing for a time when hints of jasmine rose like smoke between their thighs, and men had reason to worry of their departure. “they always come back” they said, eyes twinkling with redemption songs. Boomerang i laughed, nodded in agreement with a … Continue reading

so i've noticed


toxic. that’s the one word that continuously inhabits my mind when around a certain friend. a friend i’ve had since double dutch contests and pressed out ponytails with colorful ball barrettes. one whom i Love like a sister. they type of friend you just know will be in your wedding and present for any significant … Continue reading